Examples of typical polygraph exam questions:

Do you know who took that money?

Did you take any of that money?

Did you ever have any type of sex with Cindy?

Since marrying, have you had any kind of
sexual contact besides with your husband?

In the past 3 months, have you used any drug?

On a typical 'wired' polygraph examination,
3 or 4 yes/no questions come from the client.
On a 'voice' polygraph examination,
up to 10 questions can come from the client.

Both types of lie-detection testing require
'fear of detection' to work properly;
that is, client questions should only be
of important issues of unknown answer,
issues of some consequence or punishment,
not 'fun' questions or 'silly' or 'play' questions.

Questions that would invoke the body's
'Fight or Flight' response if lied to are required.
Questions about past events are much stronger
than planning/feeling/in future questions.

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